1. Why should I use a licensed electrician?

"First of all, the license indicates that the individual has worked hands on in the industry for a number of years. Secondly, the individual is tested for thorough knowledge of the National Electrical Code, which is the governing "Bible" of the electrical industry. In a nut shell, the licensed electrician is experienced, and qualified."

2. How does hiring a licensed electrician protect me?

"In order for a licensed electrician to conduct business, they must be completely insured. The electrician must have an active general liability policy, automobile policy, and workman's compensation if he employs anyone. A license will not be renewed if these insurance policies are not in place."

3. How does insurance protect me?

"The licensed electrician upon filing his work and receiving a certificate of compliance from the local authorities take full responsibility of the work performed. If a loss should occur, your insurance company will ask you to produce a Certificate of Compliance. If this certificate is produced, the responsibility falls on the electricians insurance. If you can not produce proof that a licensed electrician performed the work, your insurance company will probably not cover your loss."

4.Why Wayne's Electrical Service of Westchester, Inc.

"We have been successfully conducting business since 1975. We keep in touch with all of the latest code revisions and technological advances relative to our industry. When you retain Wayne's Electric Service of Westchester, Inc. not only do we fulfill your required wiring needs, we do so with the utmost of professionalism and courtesy.



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